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Mining targeted by “Gretathunbergs” and Social Media

There were times when geology was one of the most in-demand professions. And when it was my time to make a career choice there was no other option but geology, especially considering the example set by my father and uncle - well-respected geologists.
I have spent my entire conscious life in the mining industry. I have been involved in conducting feasibility studies almost for all mining projects in Armenia and led the group of geologists that discovered Amulsar - the first largest gold deposit discovered after Armenia's independence. Therefore, I am perfectly aware of the peculiarities of the entire mining process and of all the development opportunities that the mining industry and this profession can create for any state and individual.

But now I must regretfully note that year by year geology or other professions in the field of mining (metallurgist, mining engineer, etc.) are becoming less popular. In the 60s and 70s, there were more than 10 applicants per place in the Faculty of Geology of YSU, today the enrolment rate is so low you can count the students on a hand. And although it is among the highest-paying jobs, finding a good specialist has become a real challenge. In my opinion, this situation is a result of the consistent discrediting of the mining industry, which we have been witnessing at least for the last 10-20 years. Despite the significant role that the mining industry has in the economy of Armenia, the sector is not properly valued, and the public perception of it is negative.

“Bread Factory”

Mining like any other economic activity is not problem-free. It has a certain impact on the environment as do agriculture, construction, or any other human activity. For instance, every year 7 million hectares of forest are cut down in the world driven by agriculture, chemical fertilizers in use affect the quality of soil and water, and 70 % of freshwater resources are used up in this sector, anyway on various platforms you can regularly find demands to abandon mining and discussions to look for an alternative.

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