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Partnerships that Benefit the Communities

This summer was a special one for 100 children from Saravan, Gndevaz and Gorayk - affected communities of the Amulsar gold project. With a joint commitment between Geoteam, Human Dignity & Peace Foundation (HDP), Football Federation and the Jonas Foundation, they spent their summer vacations at the Lori and Hanqavan summer camps. During their camp stay, children not only enjoyed each other’s company but also participated in educational activities that widened their education and increased their health knowledge.

This initiative was part of Geoteam’s intensive Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the affected communities. The Company is committed to leaving a sustainable, positive impact on the affected communities and special attention is paid to social projects in the areas of rural infrastructure, health, education, economic empowerment and employment.  Children and youth education and development are an integral part of the Company’s long term commitment to positive impact in the villages. 
Renovation of the library, improvement of village roads, drinking water upgrades and provision of medical equipment are just some of the many projects previously implemented in these communities.  

With the current partnerships, various social programs are being implemented such as the Chess Tournament in Jermuk (Chess Federation of Armenia and Chess Academy), Primary Health Care (PHC) services in three communities for approximately 170 households (Oxfam/STC); income generation project through new technologies in gardening (HDP Foundation) benefiting 30 households (or 120 people) and garbage collections in Gndevaz,  Saravan and Gorayk villages. A project to provide Saravan with a natural gas supply is also underway.

Geoteam is also supporting six students to study Mine Engineering at universities in Yerevan. These young people will be offered jobs at Geoteam upon their graduation. One of them is already employed by Geoteam. At Geoteam and Lydian, we believe that investing in education is a significant step towards securing future sustainable development. Currently there are about 160 local people working for the company with AMD130,000 minimum monthly salary and approximately 550 employees are expected to be employed during the construction and production phases of Amulsar