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“Partnership for Improved Health in Communities”

Geoteam CJSC is increasing its cooperation with the public organizations this time by implementing a primary health care programme in Saravan, Gndevaz and Gorayk communities. “Support to Communities” (STC) NGO, the local communities and Geoteam will jointly enhance the health services in the targeted areas for over 170 socially vulnerable households (or 700 people), including women, children and the elderly. 

The Project will apply a community based primary health care protection model, introduced by Oxfam and implemented by STC in over 140 rural communities of Armenia, where the households invest very modest amount annually, and in return they benefit from free medication, health screening for the entire community by different medical doctors, health consultations, diagnosis and treatment for 70-80 beneficiaries, as well from health awareness and advocacy campaigns on healthy life style, environmental and related issues.  Special consultations are designed for women, who, at times, have to travel to Yerevan for decent health services or medicine. 

The recent health needs assessment conducted by Oxfam identified that there is scarce supply of medicine in rural areas; limited state financial support and low awareness of the population on health protection, healthy lifestyle and their rights for health services.  

Geoteam is committed to leave a sustainable positive impact in the area, and primary health care improvement is an integral part of this development.  One woman from Saravan mentioned: “we were waiting for this program, as it is a breath of air for us; otherwise, the smallest health issue turns into serious problem.”  The Gorayk women too did not hide their excitement: “our village is rather isolated and this initiative is simply a must for us, particularly for women and children.”
Within another social program, currently Geoteam and the Football Federation of Armenia are partnering within the “Schools for sport and peace” program, implemented in all 3 villages, benefiting 140 children: the program will not only train them physically, but also teach teamwork skills and educate on a healthy lifestyle.  In summer, 70 children will enjoy the picturesque summer camp in Hanqavan.   At present, new programs are being designed in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry and rural infrastructure.