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Deputy PM familiarized himself with some of the Social Development Projects

On October 4, Deputy PM Armen Gevorgyan visited Jermuk and familiarized himself with some of the Social Development projects Geoteam undertakes in Jermuk.

As part of the Third Rural Community Forum held in Jermuk, RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan made a tour in the city accompanied by Jermuk Mayor Vardan Hovhannisyan, and familiarized himself with the ongoing projects.

The Deputy Prime Minister also visited the facilities where Geoteam is cartrying out renovations are within corporate social responsibility. The buildings of Jermuk kindergarten and the arts school, which were in poor condition, are currently being renovated by the funds of the Company.

Geoteam informed that this work will be completed in mid November providing more than 60 kids of the kindergarten and 140 pupils of the school with necessary conditions. The overall cost of these two projects is about 100 million AMD, and 26 million AMD has been transferred to the Jermuk social-economic development fund. Besides, Geoteam has builts the outdoors sports complex has been constructed, and plans to build the toilet facilities of Highschool N1.

Geoteam managers also informed about infrastructure improvement, community development, educational and healthcare projects in the Project affected communities, such as Gndevaz, Saravan and Gorayk. The Company intends to continue and extend these projects, and also to implement projects which will take into consideration the peculiarity of the given community, in particular, a cooperative of dried fruit is to be launched in Gndevaz; a project new technology employment in agriculture is being implemented in Gorayk. The Company annually invests around USD 350,000 in Jermuk and the above three communities.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed the importance of implementation of community support projects by major companies who perform operations in the regions. He pointed out the significance of the social responsibility component. According to him, integrity and target use of public, private and community funds will enable to solve a number of problems in the community and also to contribute to further development of the communities.

Later the deputy prime minister participated in the Third Rural Community Forum discussions on the topic “Local self-government sector: activities of the Community Elders, transparency, scope of competence, current issues and solutions”