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Lydian's Participation at Artavan Firefighting Activities

Lydian Armenia had actively participated in the firefighting activities near Artavan village (some 13 km from Amulsar project) in August, when the fire took the nearby forest at Artavan and was coming close to some surrounding communities. That is when the Emergency Response Group of Lydian Armenia, that had recently gone through intensive training program of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, responded to the call for help from the Government respective agencies. The Emergency Response Team members and heavy equipment from Amulsar construction site participated in the firefighting activities.  

Lydian provided 1 “Caterpillar D-9”, 2 “Caterpillar D-10” and 3 water machines, which are used for dust suppuration during construction at Amulsar. The drivers of heavy equipment were also part of the team that had put a lot of effort and voluntarily helped the Armenian authorities in this crisis. Such support from the private company was highly prized by the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

On august 28, The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia has granted Lydian Armenia's Health and Safety Supervisor Artur Hovsepyan an International Rescuer Qualification for his active participation in recent firefighting activities around the village of Artavan.

As a recognition for the courage and professionalism of the team, Lydian management COO Andrew Kaczmarek, organized a special event for the team, where all employees of Lydian that participated in the firefighting activities were granted Letters of Appreciation. These letters will be attached to employees’ personal files for further appraisal in their career. Mr. Kaczmarek praised the team for dedication and reediness to help the country and the communities and go beyond their duties. The company also highly values the fact that while helping the communities to resolve the crisis, all the Emergency Response Team members and heavy equipment drivers returned to their daily duties safe and uninjured which speaks of high professionalism of Lydian team.