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Geoteam hands over radio guides to Matenadaran

Matenadaran will work with new equipment.

Matenadaran, the Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, will hence carry out group tours with high quality radio guides. A total of 7 transmitters and 120 receivers will allow to simultaneously receive large touristic groups, providing the most comfortable conditions for visitors.

On October 1, Matenadaran hosted the ceremony of installation of new equipment.

Radio guides are widely used in all modern museums worldwide, and now the equipment will be available for Matenadaran visitors as well. It comes to finalize the last stage of Matenadaran’s technical re-equipment and modernization.

Geoteam CJSC supported Matenadaran in obtaining the equipment as part of its CSR projects.

Mr. Hrach Tamrazyan Director of Matenadaran says: “The ancient building is now fully operational as a museum complex with permanent and temporary exhibitions. The display system is modernized and supplemented with modern technology every day. And all this resulted in a sharp increase in the number of visitors. Therefore, the radio guides, acquired with the support of our partner Geoteam CJSC, are crucial to us, in that they will contribute to improving the quality of museum service. Such replenishment will be continuous.”


Managing Director of Geoteam CJSC Hayk Aloyan says: “All our social projects are aimed at supporting spheres that will directly or indirectly increase the positive social or economic impact of Amulsar Gold project. Education and tourism development are one of the major priorities for us. During the last years we have invested in educational and tourism development projects around Amulsar communities more than 650.000 USD. Most of our projects are focused around the communities, but we also take global approach to development projects. For example we have invested in Luys Foundation and we look forward to young educated professionals to be employed by Amulsar project. And of course, tourism development in Jermuk is part of overall tourism development in Armenia. Matenadaran is one of the landmark tourist destinations of Armenia and the most visited museum in the country. It is also an important educational institution. We are happy to contribute to technical refurbishing of Matenadaran and thus supporting tourism and education development. In the future we are also planning to bring our community kids for a tour to this important educational institution”.