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Armen Stepanyan: Spreading fears serves no good purpose

– Mr. Stepanyan, Amulsar Project is in its active construction phase and the gold production is expected to start next year. While in the past you were saying Lydian will apply best international practice, are there any tangible achievement in this regard you can mention?

– I believe there are. The difference in the quality of constructed roads and infrastructures is already visible for anyone who has ever seen a major construction and has anything to compare with. You can see the engineering solutions adopted from the best mining practice and advocated by us as a new approach in environmental management.

– Can you provide any specific examples?

– Sure, the pipes are being installed at the bottom of the barren rock storage facility and will be covered with a special protective layer to keep the waters segregated from the mine infrastructures and diversion channels are constructed to manage the rainfall and snowmelt flows. These are some of the measures aimed at protecting the surrounding water basins.

– Are these already visible now?

– Yes, there are some photos posted on our website and you can visit and see it if you apply to us in advance.

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