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Women in Mining: Amulsar

On International Woman’s Day Lydian Armenia is glad to present a short video highlighting some of our female co-workers. They tell about their professional and personal achievements and their perspective on what women can bring to the table in any work environment.

While we are highlighting a few of our female team members, many more are behind the scenes. Mining continues to be largely men dominated industry not only in Armenia but worldwide. In Lydian Armenia we put extra effort into bringing more women on board as we believe this will make the mining sector better on all counts.

31 percent of our workforce in Lydian Armenia are women. We have 8 women at this point in managerial and supervising roles. We also encourage our contractors to hire women where possible. 12% percent of our contractor’s 2017 workforce were women. These include around 130 women employed from the surrounding communities.

Our small and medium business enterprise support projects are also largely focused on giving women in the region opportunities for creating alternative livelihoods and having a leading role in the socio-economic development of the region. We have implemented 55 projects worth a total of roughly 83000 dollars specifically designed for women. Most women that participated in our projects have already created small businesses in the communities.

We do believe that mining should and can bring benefits that are countable not only in financial terms, but also contribute directly to the well-being of families in the region. For that women’s role is immense. As the Amulsar project grows, more women will join our team and we believe that will bring new perspective and opportunities to the project. Finding talent has become one of the most challenging aspects in any business and we believe that mining industry will benefit greatly by putting more efforts into unveiling women’s potential. This perspective is largely shared by Lydian International corporate management comprising of two female Vice Presidents and Lydian Board of Directors that has one female member.

Happy International Women’s Day! 


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