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Hayk Aloyan: Armenia Can Have a Competitive and Strong Economy

- In the recent period while talking about upcoming investments, the Government mentions Amulsar as an example. Considering the growing importance of investments when will the mine construction start? 

- Early works have already started. We plan to enter into full scale construction activities in July. In the coming 2 years project construction capital expenditures will amount to some US$ 370 million. Till the end of this year some 800 jobs will be generated around the construction. This means that we will see a tangible economic impact on that region already by the end of this year. 

- What will be the impact outside of that particular region, on country scale? 

- The impact will be tangible from many aspects. Primary issue in Armenia is of course job opportunities. There will be a significant financial inflow into the economy. This refers to the two years of construction. 

During production several dozen million dollars of tax revenues will be generated annually. Additionally every direct job in mining creates several indirect jobs. 

But I want to emphasize another important aspect. Amulsar is an opportunity to put Armenia on international investment map. Amulsar is a very visible project in international markets. Many potential investors in different spheres follow the success of the project implementation and that can be a positive signal that Armenia is open for investments. Especially in the recent period we all felt the urgency of the importance of attracting new investments and financial inflow into the country.  - See more at:

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