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A new partnership for “Schools of Sport & Peace” program

Geoteam CJSC and the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) announce that they will partner within the “Schools for Sport and Peace” program, to be implemented in Gorayk, Gndevaz  and Saravan villages of Vayots Dzor & Syunik marzes.

Geoteam is committed to promoting long term development in those villages, where promotion of sport, healthy lifestyle and sport education of children will be an integral part.  This is yet another social program that Geoteam is supporting, where close partnership between Geoteam, FFA and three communities will help address a very important issue – healthy leisure for children and youth. 
Geoteam and the FFA, highly appreciate the development of sport and football in rural areas; they will therefore, jointly implement this initiative, with a one team, one goal approach.

The purpose of the “Schools for Sport and Peace” program is to promote sport and healthy life in target villages: it will benefit 140, 9-14 year old children.  The Program will train 10 local teachers, arrange summer rest for children within the FFA Hanqavan Summer/Sport camp; organize inter-village sportlandia’s and football tournaments.  

We love football, we love our generation – this is the motto of this partnership.  The children and teenagers of Saravan, Gorayk & Gndevaz will have a wonderful opportunity to be trained by the best coaches of the FFA, work in teams, participate in sport events and finally, be healthy and strong.