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A New Project in Jermuk

Plastic waste can cause serious environmental problems, as it does not decompose under natural conditions.

Plastic garbage should be collected and isolated for the purpose of processing. Unfortunately, it is not a common practice in Armenia. However, in March 2015, with Geoteam CJSC’s support, a Project - “From Waste to Souvenir”- was launched in Jermuk, in secondary school named after Maxim Gorky.

Geoteam invested 4, 7 million AMD in this Project, benefiting 40 local school children, parents and other community members.

The Project is aimed at developing skills of young women and school-age children in preparing useful items from the collected plastic waste, combining environmental education and small business development.

To this end, a handicraft club for women – “Voskedzerik” – was established in Jermuk. 40 kids and their parents are already members of the club, where they learn to turn the plastic waste into raw materials and to weave various useful items. Within the framework of the Project, from August 22 to August 23, a trade fair was organized in Jermuk to showcase and demonstrate the participants’ works.  Proceeds from the sales of those items went to women who worked on the Project. Additionally, it will be used for Project’s further development.

The acquisition of new skills will enable women and young girls of Jermuk to expand their skills and generate income through those skills. The created unique items will be used and also sold. This work represents a good opportunity for Jermuk residents create art works, sell them in the art market and show their art and talent to tourists and visitors. Among other things, it will also raise environmental awareness.

Works of 40 project beneficiaries from Jermuk will be presented in the upcoming sales event in the English Park, Yerevan, on September 21.