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One more partnership to promote mass chess development in Armenia

June 7, 2012

There is a growing interest in chess among children and the youth of Armenia: chess is being taught at public schools as part of the curriculum, while the number of participants in every chess tournaments organized by the Chess House and Chess Academy of Armenia is increasing rapidly.    

The VIII youth tournament will see a partnership between Geoteam CJSC and the Chess Academy of Armenia.  The Academy has been organising this annual tournament for a number of years now, the purpose of which is to promote the mass chess development in Armenia among children and youths, and develop talented young chess players. The tournament will be held from June 26 to July 6 in Jermuk, with approximately 400 under-18 years old from abroad and different provinces of Armenia participating in the event.  

It is two years since Geoteam began its partnership with the Chess Federation of Armenia and now with the Chess Academy to conduct national and international tournaments that is becoming a tradition.  
This project is an excellent model for developing strong partnerships; the Academy and a Geoteam – a private sector organization - jointly implement international tournaments in Armenia.  The tournament will result in the Armenian and foreign players gaining experience, new knowledge and the continuation of the chess playing tradition in Armenia.

The Founder and President of the Academy, Smbat Lputyan, once mentioned that their goal is to “first of all raise good, decent and honest people and citizens, then chess players”.  Geoteam is extremely proud to support the Academy in carrying out such a mission.