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Our Partners

Our partners

Lydian Armenia has marked commitment to promote positive development in adjacent communities within the Amulsar Gold Project.  In 2012 the
Company developed its 3-year Social Strategy, followed by Social strategic approaches for 2015 and construction period.  Both strategies emphasize the importance of partnerships with NGOs or CSOs, as implementing partners for different social & development activities.

We value the contribution NGO sector can bring to communities: their experience, expertise and presence is valuable asset that can be efficiently utilized to positive changes in rural communities.


Who are our partners & how do they contribute?

Lydian works with good range of NGOs, development Foundations and entities taking advantage of their experiences in various areas: social infrastructure, rural/community development, technical assistance in best practices on land management & crops, animal husbandry, children/youth development, as well surveys and needs assessments.  These are local NGOs that have track record of expertise in a given area; they have years of experience working with different rural settings.  Partner NGOs or other entities are e ncouraged to provide monetary or in-kind contributions to the projects – an important element that we p romote with partners.  

The affected communities are our key strategic and implementing partners: their ownership of the project, contributions to activities, participation and commitment to follow whatever technical guidance is provided to them.  They act both as beneficiaries or recipients of project gains, and as active participants who contribute to project costs: there are several examples, whereby Village administration offices covered portion of summer camp, natural gas pipeline or greenhouse construction.  Likewise, some project specifically require beneficiary cash contribution, to promote ownership and sustainability.


We also work with local individuals, skilled in different areas that are tasked to carry out different programs: for example, children art/culture programs are all run and managed by local tutors.  Our Livestock/Animal husbandry program is well coordinated by a certified vet; Skills learning programs were managed by several tutors hired from nearby communities of Vayk, Yeghegnadzor, Sarnakunk, etc. 

We also practice hiring local persons (vets, agronomists, etc.) as part of different social programs, to liaise locally, work with local farmers, or herders, col lect data as input for project partners.  We believe in local cadre development and capacity building as key milestones towards community development.   


The Company makes efforts to build synergies with different organizations that are already active in the area or have ongoing activities funded by different sources.  For example, a local NGO Strategies for Development, through support from Swiss Development Agency , will be implementing Animal husbandry project in roughly 100 rural settings, including the villages of Gndevaz, Saravan and Gorayk.  An MOU was signed with them, to carry field works with Gndevaz herders and farmers, at no cost to the Company.  Likewise, the Eye Care project kindly provided eye screening visits to the affected communities as part of their larger activity, with no charge to the Company. 

In the past few years the Company has partnered with many organizations, illustrated below: this list is illustrative, to show the wide range of partners we’ve been working with. 




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