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Amulsar Information Center

First Amulsar Information Center (AIC) was opened in Amulsar project area in the community of Gndevaz in April 2013. In April 2016 the second Amulsar Information Centre was opened in the town of Jermuk. The centres are open to the public and are part of the stakeholder engagement commitments of Lydian. The purpose is to share openly any project related information and to present to all stakeholders technical data about Amulsar Gold mine in a transparent way.

Brochures, booklets on Environmental, Health, Safety, Social and Economic issues are available for the public. Detailed explanation of Heap Leaching technology, and examples of similar operations in the US, Australia, Russia and elsewhere, the Environmental Management Plans, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) process description and other relevant information are provided in various print materials and posters. The centres are also equipped with TV screens to provide relevant video materials to the visitors. An internet connected computer is also provided and available to all, in order for community members to search for relevant information on mining related issues online. 


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