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Social Programme Overview

Amulsar Communities as the Main Partners of Lydian 

Lydian Armenia has been cooperating with the Amulsar Surrounding communities since 2007. The Company considers the communities as the main partners. Implemented social programs by Lydian are aimed to support sustainability of these communities.

Amulsar social programs are developed in compliance with the best international practice and are based on the findings of local needs assessments, inquiries, and local communities’ demand. The programs are highly praised by various stakeholders, including the communities and the program participants. 

Social Programs in the Amulsar surrounding communities

The investments made by the Company to the Amulsar surrounding communities of Gndevaz, Jermuk, Gorayk, and Saravan, have exceeded USD 4 mln and were used for the improvement of local infrastructures, the renovation of local kindergartens, schools, libraries, and art center, and the promotion of agriculture, farming, education, cultural activities, tourism, health services, and capacity-building. Below are the investments allocated to the communities as of 2018. 

- Jermuk - USD 826 000 worth social programs

- Gndevaz – USD 1,2 mln worth social programs  

- Saravan – USD 295 000 worth social programs  

- Gorayk – USD 520 000 worth social programs


Among implemented social programs are the renovation of the Jermuk art center and the Gndevaz water-pipe reconstruction program costing USD 500,000, the installation of a modern elevator and the re-equipment of surgery unit at Vayk hospital in the total amount of USD 100,000, the funding of local greenhouses and fruit-driers, scholarships for local students, and many other programs.

More than 50 small and medium business programs were funded by Lydian Armenia in the Amulsar surrounding communities, with the total amount of USD 130,000. The major business focus areas include the production of agricultural products, and provision of agricultural and general services, namely a bakery, honey-making business, car service, sewing workshop, grocery shop etc.

After the Artsakh war of 2020, Lydian Armenia felt it its duty to stand by the Amulsar enlarged communities of Jermuk, Zaritap and Gorayk, namely the families of the servicemen, who were deceased, injured, or went missing during the war. Thus, the Company was paying the utilities fees of the families within a period of 5 months and spent more than USD 25,000 to help them. Lydian Armenia was also assisting the Artsakh families who were forced to leave their homes and relocate in the Amulsar surrounding communities. The Company, through the local municipalities, was providing 220 families with food within a period of 5 months.