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Community Development Plan

Amulsar Communities Development as a Priority of Lydian

Community Development Plan has been developed by Lydian Armenia as a part of its Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Amulsar Gold Project. The Plan underlines the Company’s commitment to community development and outlines the channels through which this will be pursued. The Community Development Plan is one of the management plans developed to implement the commitments specified in the ESIA and focuses on sustainable long-term initiatives to support the adjacent communities of the project.


Lydian as a Responsible Mining Company

Community development programs are planned to contribute to maintaining a social license to operate.  The Company is fully committed to being a responsible mining company through quality management of core business operations including: the protection of the environment in the extraction of the resource; protection of worker and community health and safety; application of equal opportunity employment and training.

Lydian Armenia aims to align its community development efforts with international sustainable development initiatives, consistent with the local realities, culture and capacities.  It is equally important to learn from the international donor community (USAID, UNDP, European Union, etc.) that invest in large scale community development programmes in Armenia, including both public and private sector programmes, and focus on issues very relevant to Lydian, such as sustainability, and local capacity building. 

The Community Development Plan (CDP), developed by Lydian Armenia, seeks to minimize, mitigate and compensate any adverse social impacts generated by its activities and threatening the communities within the 3-8 km’s distance of the Amulsar, and to enhance beneficial social impacts where possible and in accordance with internationally recognized business best practice.


Cumminity Development Plan (CDP)