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Cyanide management

Cyanide Management at the Amulsar

At the Amulsar, the gold will be extracted with the use of cyanide by heap leach method. Irrespective of its being highly toxic, cyanide is dangerous only if misused and/or mismanaged, just like electricity, explosives, inflammables, and other compounds used in everyday life.

Cyanide is neither a cancerous nor a cumulative poison, it makes no lasting effect as it decays very rapidly (within a 24 hours’ period) and poses danger only if contacted directly and with no relevant protective means.  There is cyanide in some of the products that we use every day, namely in almond, table salt, cigarette smoke, apple seeds, etc. The annual production of cyanide reaches 1.1 mln tons globally, of them just 6% is used in mining. The remaining cyanide is used in other industries, like production of plastic, glue, fire-protective means, cosmetics, and drugs, food processing, etc.

Lydian Armenia’s Membership with International Cyanide Management Code

Lydain Armenia was the first mining company in Armenia to voluntarily become signatory to the International Cyanide Management Code. The Code is an international initiative that sets strict rules and standards for its member-companies to transport and use cyanide mostly for mining sector. The organization requires an independent audit for its member companies to certify that the mining company meets the standards and requirements of the Code. Amulsar Project is the fifth project in the world to obtain the pre-production certificate and is the first Project in Armenia to be certified under the 2016 amendment of the International Cyanide Management Code, implying more stringent audit guidelines.