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Sustainability Reports

Sustainable development as key part of Lydian's strategy

Lydian prioritises sustainable development as a key part of its corporate strategy, and continues to devote time and resources to fulfilling the sustainability commitments assumed by the Company.

The major sustainability focus areas include occupational and community health and safety, mitigation of environmental impacts, community engagement and development, local hiring and broader economic impacts, and transparency and good governance.  

Sustainability reports are intended to be shared with all of the stakeholders, and therefore are available both in English and in Armenian. Reports are prepared with reference to the Global reporting Initiative (GRI).

Lydian Armenia is committed to open and transparent engagement and welcomes feedback on how to improve the reporting or sustainability performance. Please contact the Company at [email protected]


2017 Sustainability Report

Lydian Armenia’s 2017 Sustainability Report covers the Company’s performance on material environmental, social, safety and occupational health, security, economic and governance issues during calendar year 2017. We report against our 2017 targets in each of these areas throughout the text, as well as in tables in the ‘Performance against 2017 targets’ section. 

In preparing the report, we have conducted materiality assessments with input from a range of stakeholders, including representatives from the communities around Amulsar, Armenian government and civil society, and company employees and investors. Please find the full Sustainability Report below. 




2016 Sustainability Report

The first Sustainability Report of Lydian Armenia presents the Amulsar Gold Project, the Company’s sustainability approach and our performance in 2016 in some of the areas. Namely,

- Environmental (including biodiversity, water and cyanide management, air, dust and noise),

- Employees and suppliers (including occupational health and safety, local hiring and procurement, and ongoing development),

- Society and community (including community engagement, land acquisition, impacts on livelihoods, social investment, community health),

- Economic performance and governance (including local and broader economic impacts, and ethical conduct, transparency and anti-corruption).

Topics included in this report reflect ongoing engagement with external stakeholders (including local community members and government representatives), consultations with third-party experts, and feedback from the staff and investors.