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How Can a Country Benefit: Lydian

We would like to address some concerns voiced recently and increasingly often by different groups and individuals.

It is often asked how a country can benefit from a mining activity if the mine is privately owned.  We would like to explain Lydian's position and the Amulsar project specifics.

First Lydian is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Anyone can buy or sell Company's shares every business day. Lydian's shareholders now include some of the biggest investment funds across the globe from Europe - including the UK - USA and as far away as Brazil and Australia. There are also Armenians among our shareholders as well as diaspora funds. Every business day Lydian shares are openly traded in the market and the geography and list of our shareholders may change accordingly.

The scale of the investments required to build a modern mine and the expertise needed to ensure that it meets world class best practice standards for health, safety, environmental protection and social development are substantial.  So for all but the wealthiest countries this means that international capital and knowledge is required for exploration and production.

Lydian brings both the knowledge and the capital. Lydian has committed to make approximately $270m direct investment during the construction period and a further $200m approximately during the production period.