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Amulsar Project Jobs

How many jobs has Amulsar Project created till now?


Lydian Armenia continues construction of Amulsar Project. As expected, construction will last until 2018. During construction period, more than 1300 people will be involved and up to 700 permanent jobs will be created during 10 years of operation. Currently, recruitment process by Lydian Armenia and its contractors is increasing. The employment criteria are based on the principle of fair competition, while giving the priority to locals from Amulsar project nearest communities of Saravan, Gndevaz, Gorayq and Jermuk/Kechut. Announcements of new vacancies are available on career websites, in Amulsar information centers as well as on Lydian Armenia’s official website ( 

As of April 2018, 1460 people were employed by Lydian Armenia and contractors, 464 of which are from Amulsar surrounding communities (Jermuk/Kechut - 294, Gndevaz - 93, Gorayk - 48, Saravan - 29). This data includes also casual or short-term jobs of daily or weekly durations.

The company also highlights the importance of creating jobs for women: 13% of all employed people as of April are women.