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Our Employees

 Mkrtich Karapetyan40 years-old


Mkrtich is from Amulsar-adjacent Gorayk community. He joined the team of geologists at the beginning of geological exploration at Amulsar area. He started as an unskilled worker but later was promoted to the position of a Laboratory Sampler and became a Geologist after getting the appropriate training. Mkrtich needed technical education for the position of Geologist, which he always wanted to pursue. He was accepted to the Geology department of the Yerevan State University and fulfilled his studies with financial support from Lydian Armenia.   

Presently Mkrtich is using his knowledge and skills in Amulsar Project and continues to learn from local and foreign experienced geologists.     

“In 2005-2006, when we were launching the geological exploration at Amulsar, we could not even think that the Project would become the largest project in Armenia. I am happy for such an outcome of our work. Amulsar Project helps to solve a lot of social problems in our communities, it creates new jobs and slows the out-migration. The Project has changed people’s lives and is creating many opportunities for the community”, Mkrtich says. 


 Hovhannes Karapetyan, 33 years-old



Hovhannes Karapetyan is one of the leading geologists of Lydian. He has been part of Amulsar exploration since 2008.  

Hovhannes graduated from the Yerevan State University earning Master’s degree in Geology. When pursuing his Master’s degree in 2006, he worked with the Research Institute of Nuclear Power Seismic Project and the Gyumri city Institute for Earthquake Studies. After graduating from the University in 2007, he started his employment with Canadian Team Energy Resources Company, taking part in exploration of oil and gas in Armenia.

The circumstances brought him to a Amulsar project in 2008 and he have been working with Lydian Armenia since then. The Company helped him to develop and expand his knowledge and skills “I am sure that reasonable mining can contribute a lot to the economic development of the country. My employment with Amulsar Project helps me to develop my potential as an expert and to participate in the economic development of my country and I am proud of the path I chose” –Hovhaness says



 David Tyler, 59 years-old

Mine Technical Manager


W. David Tyler is currently the Mine Technical Manager.  He joined Lydian, in August of 2016.  He has 35 years of experience in working for mining companies in operations, engineering, resource modeling and project development roles.  He has worked for gold, copper, molybdenum and silver mines in both underground and open pit mines and in terrains ranging from the Arctic, high-altitude and sub-equatorial environments.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mining Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.  He felt that knowing how to close mines helped him in designing new mines. 

“Armenia is a wonderful place to do business, with smart engineers and people eager to learn new things.  I am enjoying working with my team to develop a responsible, safe mine.  This will be an asset to Lydian and to Armenia.  My wife, Rose, and I are both enjoying discovering the treasures of Armenia.” Dave says